Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oppo N1 review: The giant CyanogenMod smartphone delivers with an impressive 13MP rotating camera


The N1 is the first Oppo handset to come with CyanogenMod pre-installed. Just as the Nexus line is heralded by many as the epitome of stock Android, many hope that Oppo’s latest flagship handset will emerge as the bastion for Cyanogen Inc‘s popular and custom Android firmware....

Codecademy: Hour of Code app for the iPhone lets you learn basic programming anytime, anywhere


Mobile apps thrive when they allow the user to check, explore or experiment with content in short bursts. Codecademy, meanwhile, is renowned as one of the best ways to learn programming languages such as Python, Ruby and JavaScript. A full suite of interactive lessons are available on the Web, but until now it was an experience that required an extensive amount of time and dedication....

Google now lets you create your own Street View maps using Photo Sphere or your dSLR camera

The Google street view mapping and camer

Google has unveiled a new way to allow anyone to create their own personalized Street View map of their location. The company states in a blog post that a Street View experience can be created just by using photos taken from either Google’s Photo Sphere technology or a dSLR camera.....

Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to Hide Last Seen on Whatsapp in Android,Iphone

Whatsapp one of most downloaded Android app.I am sure if you are a smart phone user then you might also be usingWhatsapp.One survey tells that more then 1 billion whatsapp messages are sent daily.

Whatsapp offers a excellent feature last seen option.It will let you know whether the person on other side checked your message or not.Actually this is a best feature but now a days it has becoming trouble for many people.Yes if you want to skip chatting.....

How to Creat you Own Portable Apps with Cameyo

Before you read this post do you know what actually portable apps are? and how they are useful in daily life? If not continue reading the below paragraph. If you know you can directly jump to 3rd paragraph on creating your own portable apps.

Portable apps are those which can run directly from Your pen-drives without any installation on any operating system. This lets you to use your favorite app or software on any PC which you don't have sufficient rights to run the app or software on that system.Portable apps can also save lot of your time in installing and running the apps on the system you don't own.Now lets see How you can create your own portable apps.
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